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Various skin treatment services.

  1. For normal and combination skin - it lightens and gives radiant younger look.
  2. For normal, combination dry and oil without acne skin - an excellent facial for skin lightening radiance and glow.
  3. For all skin types that is sensitive - nourishes soothes, calms & tones the skin.
  4. For dry and mature skins - restores the moisture balance of the skin. Very nutritive and revitalizes the skin.
  5. For oil skin without acne - cleans clogged skin pores and removes excess oil. Exfoliates dead skin cells, if done regularly. The facial will prevent formation of acne.
  6. For all skin types not suitable for sensitive and acne skin - enhance the radiance and lightening of the skin which also gives the skin a healthy glow.
  7. For oily skin, hyper pigmentation and post acne - blemishes not suitable for sensitive, acne herpes simplex and rosacea skin. Removes the dead skin cells.
  8. For all skin types not for acne and rosacea skin - lifts the face and removes the wrinkles and fine lines. Stimulates blood circulation.